Heineken Launches Beer Sneakers

Heineken Launches Beer Sneakers

Known as Heinekicks, These sneakers aren’t just made for walking, in the trending fashion world hype beast keeps collection for another desire to become a collector of high end fashion sneakers.

Recently Heineken announce to launch sneaker with actual beer in them, and even come with a bottle opener.

Heineken Silver, the brand’s latest easy-to-drink brew, is launching a pair of sneakers that are kitted out with statement-making features. 

these sneakers have discreetly built into the tongue a cool removable metal bottle opener. Yup, it'll come in handy when you urgently need to crack open a bottle of beer, and don't want to keep a spare bottle opener in, say, your pocket or your bag.

You may not be able to drink beer from your shoes (obviously), but according to Heineken, “the soles provide an unexpectedly smooth and unique sensation when you walk”.

To find out if that really is the case, you’ll need to be one of the lucky few in Singapore to get your paws on these sneakers. But it won't be an easy feet, sorry, we mean, feat. There are only 32 pairs of Heinekicks in the world, and only seven will be made available in Singapore in the fourth quarter of the year.

There’s still no word on how much each pair will cost (a tidy sum, we expect). But sneakerheads and beer fans can get a glimpse of the shoes from Aug 11 to 24 at Limited Edt Vault at 313@Somerset (#04-14/15, 313 Orchard Road).